Eco and friendly ride for 2



Our job at Yourent-Cannes is to offer you above par rental services anywhere in Cannes and we assure you the renault twizy is the funniest electric car.

Have some amazing time in Cannes driving around our Renault Twizy today.

Rent this electric car and enjoy:

  • high maneuverability: being small and light is perfect around town.
  • eco friendly ( 100% electric)
  • Fun to drive. unique experience

At Yourent-Cannes, your thrill and delight is our goal and we achieve it through our ability to render customer-oriented, professional and friendly services.

Renting a Renault Twizy from us is the easiest thing ever and we make it as smooth as possible.

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What to Expect ?

Renault Twizy 80 with doors

Kindly note we have only a limited number OF Vespas available, so, book or contact us today!

Rent a Renault Twizy in details

Driver's licence

It's advised to have an international driver's license or at a minimum with an English translation. However, a car(B) license is obliged and the minimum age is 20.


  • 1 full charge ( around 50/60km of range
  • Third-party insurance

  • Happy clients sharing their enthusiasm about their experience

    Rating star Rating star Rating star Rating star Rating star

    Since 2011, hundreds happy vistitors are eager to share their experience with you! Don't take our word for it and read their feedbacks.


    It was easy to pre book online. Shop is easy to find. Got the scooter, helmet and gloves. All was fine until i was about 45/hour away from Cannes and my scooter wouldnt start.... was able to call the hire company and they explained how to start it. A bit scary at 6pm in the dark to find it would not work! However, i asked the help of some other scooter drivers who were passing and they were able to get it started. I would definitely hire from here again though as the bike was great, comfortable and a cheap mode of fun transport!

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    David J USA

    GREAT service all the way around! Sylvie was a splendid guide, did so well communicating with us in English and was super nice to ride with too! We HIGHLY recommend this to anyone with a few hours you really want to spend doing something unique and fun that'll give you incredible views that will remain in your mind's photo album forever! It's an absolutely gorgeous route. What a thrill. Thanks Sylvie!

    All reviews
    JeanBW1979 Seattle USA

    It doesn't get cooler than riding Vespa scooters in the summer on the streets of Cannes We had a cruise stop in Cannes and were tired of driving out of the ports to see other cities, so we opted for a 2 hour Vespa Cannes tour. Afterwards we had lunch and shopped the old part of the city - a perfect day.

    All reviews
    J Gold

    Loved this casual tour of Cannes - our guide was awesome, not too much on history more, here and now. Would highly recommend!

    All reviews

    Renault Twizy 80 European Driving License: B. International Driving License: B
    Minimum Age is 20

    Yes, the Twizy fits two adults

    A credit card security deposit is required to cover potential damage or fines. The pre-authorization of 1000 € will be canceled at the end of your tour

    For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours before the tour start date.

    The insurance covers damage to third parties.

    Theft Insurance
    Gratuity ( optional)

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